Meet the Cast

We always tell people that what makes our anime channel unique from others is the wonderful variety of different mindsets and reviewing styles. There are many different types of anime fans across the globe and to best accommodate this, we here of Anime America are each specialized in relaying our opinions in ways that will not only fit as many types of watchers as possible but hopefully encourage our fans to diversely converse with us about the medium we all love and adore. So here is a quick run down of who we are individually and you can click each link to learn more.

Robyn- Our fearless leader of the podcast who showcases her ability to give concise and funny reviews with her wonderful charisma. She’s a really great reviewer for those new into anime and will be the one who can bring out the fun animated energy. Her ” to the point” style is also best for those who don’t really have time or a need to watch longer reviewers that go into every little detail but rather she lets you know her opinion, why its justified and if its worth checking out or not.

Megan– A wonderful writer and a woman of many words, Megan’s style out of the cast is the most passionate, as she will not only talk about why a series is good or not but how that series reflects her own experiences as well as the impacts it has made upon the anime community.  Her take on a show’s overall message and passionate analysis of professional voice acting for a series is a great enhancement for those looking for a type of review that speaks on a down to earth level. a reviewer who feels truly in love with the medium.

Shannen- A sultan of silliness, Shannen takes a highly in depth approach in her structured reviewing style as most of her reviews tend to be the longer than Robyn or Megan’s. These types of reviews are for those wanting to know about every little aspect of a series to where she tries her best to both objectively bring up the pros and cons per section and subjectively give her opinion with as many silly references and cut aways as possible. She also desires to make reviews for both those who haven’t seen the series and who have completed it entirely , that way anyone who watches them will be able to give a commentary on their own thoughts of the show and help those who want to know more and where they can access these anime.


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