Thats right everybody! To those of you who are currently our patreon patrons or are thinking about it, we here at Anime America have updated our rewards!

$5 – Gets your name mentioned in one of our videos. We usually mention our patrons in our Top 10 Lists!

$10, $20, $50 – You donate this much and your name will be drawn from a hat. The winner of the draw will get to request an anime for anyone at Anime America to review. The more you donate, the higher the chance you have at winning!

$100 – No matter what, you will get one of us to review any anime title you want. With that kind of generosity, you get to have any anime review you want.

Any amount you wish to donate will help our production a lot when it comes to equipment and paying the bills, so we greatly appreciate anything you can give us. We also have awesome posters to sell on our Storenvy site, so be sure to check out our store if you want some anime america art!

Thank you for your support and stay tuned to anime america!

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