About Us: Meet Megan

So I figured if we have a Bio section that each of us here at Anime America. First up is Megan!


Name: Megan Zarek

Age: 23

Birthday: 11/20

Location: Tampa, FL

Social Media: @Queenira2; Megando.Tumblr.com

Top Five Anime:

1. Baccano

2. Tokyo Ghoul / Tokyo Ghoul Root A.

3. Silver Spoon

4. Haikyuu

5. Spiral

Five Favorite Manga:

1. Tokyo Ghoul/Tokyo Ghoul Re

2. Silver Spoon

3. Full Metal Alchemist

4.  Kuroko no Basket

5. Haikyuu

Five Fun Facts:

1. I’m actually adopted. I have two older sisters a younger half brother.

2. I have a degree in Humanities and Cultural Studies with a focus on Film and New Media. I want to do my masters in Education.

3.  Besides anime I love Ice Hockey. My favorite team is the Lightning (Go Bolts. Be the Thunder)

4. I am actually terrified of flying, frogs and bats

5. The three anime characters I identify with the most are Rin Okumura, Kaneki Ken and Maka Albarn.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to Anime America

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